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Fenix LR50R LED FlashlightFenix LR50R LED Flashlight

Fenix LR50R LED Flashlight

319.95 €
Fenix LR50R 12000 lumen flashlight is the definition of a high-performance spotlight. Blasting a maximum 12000 lumens, this flashlight can…
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Fenix LR80R LED FlashlightFenix LR80R LED Flashlight

Fenix LR80R LED Flashlight

449.95 €
The Fenix LR80R Rechargeable Flashlight is Fenix’s brightest flashlight, blasting an amazing 18000 lumens of light 1130m —that’s a distance…
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Fenix E02 - blackFenix E02 - black

Fenix E02 - black

24.90 €
The Fenix E02R Flashlight is a rechargeable flashlight that can emit up to 200 lumens from its built-in 120mAh li-polymer battery.
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Fenix LR35R LED FlashlightFenix LR35R LED Flashlight

Fenix LR35R LED Flashlight

199.95 €
This powerful flashlight has a similar body to the Fenix TK35 torches but is much more potent with 10,000 lumens of output. Additional…
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Fenix UC01 LED keychain lightFenix UC01 LED keychain light

Fenix UC01 LED keychain light

7.17 € 11.95 €
Fenix ​​UC01 is a mini flashlight that is rechargeable via micro USB. It has a high-performance LED that delivers a maximum of 45 lumens at…
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Fenix E12 V2.0 LED FlashlightFenix E12 V2.0 LED Flashlight

Fenix E12 V2.0 LED Flashlight

26.99 €
The Fenix E12 V2.0 is the new and improved version of one of the most loved Fenix EDC Flashlights. The flashlight is powered by a single AA…
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Fenix E35 UE LED FlashlightFenix E35 UE LED Flashlight

Fenix E35 UE LED Flashlight

Not in stock
44.95 €
The Fenix ​​E35UE with a size of only 122mm and 1000 lumens this light will quickly be on your favorite flashlight list.
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Fenix E18R LED FlashlightFenix E18R LED Flashlight

Fenix E18R LED Flashlight

Not in stock
69.95 €
The new Fenix E18R is truly an impressive flashlight. You get a maximum 750 lumens from a 60mm flashlight, weighing only 33g (without the…
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Fenix E30R FlashlightFenix E30R Flashlight

Fenix E30R Flashlight

Not in stock
79.95 €
Running on one single 18650 battery, the new Fenix E30R Rechargeable flashlight has a total output of 1600 Lumens.
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Fenix FD30 LED FlashlightFenix FD30 LED Flashlight

Fenix FD30 LED Flashlight

Not in stock
74.95 €
Fenix ​​FD30 flashlight has a new 360 ° focusing ring and is equipped with an innovative optical system with two reflectors developed…
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Fenix FD41 LED FlashlightFenix FD41 LED Flashlight

Fenix FD41 LED Flashlight

Not in stock
84.95 €
The Fenix FD41 Flashlight is one of a kind. The dual functions of spotlight and floodlight that can be changed with the 360 degree rotary…