Fenix BC05R V2.0 Bicycle Tail Light

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Fenix light

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The Fenix BC05 V2.0 is ultra compact with an eye-catching red light that delivers a whopping 15 Lumens. More

The amazing bike light is extremely versatile; with the use of the included body clip, the light can be buckled on a backpack or worn on your waist or chest as a warning light.

Compact Size
Output Levels:
High: 15 lumens / 4,5 hours
Flash (fast): 15 lumens / 35 hours
Flash (slow): 15 lumens / 25 hours
Low: 5 lumens / 16 hours
Flash (fast): 5 lumens / 120 hours
Flash (slow): 5 lumens / 80 hours
USB Type C Charging
Battery Level Indication
Low-voltage warning
5 red LEDs
Built in 240mAH Li-polymer battery
IP66 Waterproof Rating

BC05R V2.0 Bicycle Tail Light
USB Type C Charging Cable
Bicycle Mounting Strap
User Manual
Warranty Card 
User Manual


Length: 51mm
Width: 22mm
Height: 22mm
Weight: 28 g