Fenix CL09 LED Camping Lantern

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The Fenix CL09 is a small but powerful camping lantern. With its' neutral white, the Fenix CL09 is able to effectively give out better color rendering. More

The Fenix CL09 also features multipurpose red and green lights that can be used as signal lights. The Fenix CL09 camping lantern is the perfect fit for camping and hiking and is powered by either a single 16340 and CR123A battery.

Utilizes Cree XP-G2 R5 (Neutral white/red/green lights sources) with lifespans of 50,000 hours
Turbo: 200 lumens (10 meters)
16340 - 2 hours 4 minutes
CR123 - 6 hours
High: 80 lumens
16340 - 5 hours 40 minutes
CR123 - 19 hours
Med: 30 lumens
16340 - 19 hours 20 minutes
CR123 - 36 hours
Low: 1 lumens
Red: 5 lumens
Red Flash: 5 lumens
16340 - 30 hours
CR123 - 48 hours
Green: 5 lumens
16340 - 48 hours
CR123 - 76 hours
No memory function - always defaults to Low mode if 1 second or more passes with it being off
Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery insertion
Neutral white light for better color rendering
Spherical luminous body for 360º illumination
Multifunctional red and green lights
Red constant on protects night vision and avoids attracting mosquitoes
Red flashing can serve as a signal or alerting light
Green light can serve as a beacon
Various ways of hanging - magnetic attaching, hook, or D-ring
Perfect for rigid environments
Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and optical grade PC materials
Premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
WITH CR123 - withstands temperatures down to -40º
Capable of high altitude climbing, hiking, or running in rigid environments
IP68 rating - underwater up to 2 meters

Fenix CL09 Camping Lantern
Spare O-ring for water seal
Key ring
ARBL16-700U Li-ion battery
User Manual
Warranty Card

Length: 78,5 mm 
Diameter: 22 mm
Weight: 31.5 grams (excluding battery and accessories)