Fenix NW20 Emergency Whistle

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Fenix light

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If you can be heard, your chances of being rescued are greatly increased. The Fenix emergency whistle is designed to give you the best chance to survive in a disaster or life-threatening situation. With the unique sounding chamber, the NW20 requires less effort than with an ordinary whistle. More

You get a maximum sound intensity of 120 decibels. With no movable parts and pealess design the Fenix emergency whistle is an essential piece of safety equipment to have on you during outdoor activities or in your own home during a natural disaster. Every member of your family should have one of these on keychain.

The NW20 has a dual-power design
Dacron Lanyard
Unique sounding chamber 
Max 120 decibel sound intensity
Pore structure and pealess design
Made of food-grade stainless steel
Guaranteed performance in tough conditions
Material:  304/304L stainless steel, AL6063

Weight: 20 g