Fenix BC25R LED Bike Light

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Fenix light

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The Fenix BC25R bike light has output of 600 lumens and can be seen at an impressive 106m. More

Fenix Designed with safety in mind, the Fenix BC35R has an anti-glare cut-off facula that prevents pedestrians from losing visibility. The easy-to-use quick release mount makes charging the flashlight a breeze. The compact design with included single-switch control allows you to use the bike light as a flashlight also. The Fenix BC25R body also provides an easy-to-see battery level indicator that will let you know when it is time to recharge you light via Micro USB. Since the bike light has a 2600mAH Li-ion battery built in, you won't have to worry about chargers and spare batteries. The BC25R can even take on rainy day with the IP66 rating, preventing small dust particles and heavy rain and splashing causing any damage to the bike light. The body is designed with all-metal heat dissipating fins that prevent over heating or burning.

CREE XP-G3 neutral white LED - max 600 lumens, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Turbo: 600 Lumens - 2 Hours - 106m
High: 350 Lumens - 7 Hours - 79m
Mid: 150 Lumens - 15 Hours - 53m
Low: 50 Lumens - 36 Hours - 32m
Flashing: 150 Lumens
Anti-glare cut-off facula line makes urban commuting safer for oncoming persons.
Compact size for easy carry
Built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery
Micro USB rechargeable

BC25R Bicycle Light (includes a built-in 2600mAH Li-ion battery)
BC35R Handlebar Bike Mount
USB charging Cable
Bike Mounting Shim - Thin
Bike Mounting Shim - Thick
User Manual and Warranty Card

Fenix BC25R Size:
Length: 133 mm
Width: 33 mm
Height: 31mm
Weight: 155 g (including mount and battery)